26th May Northern Child's Daily Blog

Hi All ashore,

Today was a pure routine day, with nothing special going on, like the odd whale popping by, the random course correction or taking reefs out.

The weather has decided to be a bit more helpful than yesterday and allowed us to sail a course with a little bit of East in it. We were on the West side of North until a few hours ago and shooting out of the weather forecast file we had, which is quite funny…

Other than that, since we have a menu list established before victualing and leaving, dinners are at last a no brainer. We have organized the food in chronological order in the fridge, literally eating our way to the bottom, and the same in the cupboards. For rough day we have sort of ready meals in pouches which we taped in bunches of 7. Rough days will equal getting the pouches, heating them in hot water in the pressure cooker and eat them. Job done, just 7 spoons to clean!

The B watch has again striked on the goodie box and left the A watch and themselves with very little to go through the night. Tough love, the box only refills every 24 hours!

With 1 crew member less than the other passage, the boat feels quite empty, or big, depending on how you see it.

Time for the daily skipper’s checking in with the other boat we are convoying with, share our position and how we are doing, say if we spotted a U-Boot or something dodgy in the are.

All the best from Northern Child, and hopefully more adventures in the coming days!


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