Ahoy wives and hearties!

NORTHERN CHILD @ Rolex Swan Cup 2014

Ahoy wives and hearties!

706 miles to go.

Until the mid-passage mark we counted up the miles, and since then we count down. Makes it easier on the mind.

Today was pretty much a routine day with nothing special happening….

For a few days now we have been wearing our foul weather gear, because of the spray and the occasional rain, but the real change is the wearing of boots and long underwear, even during the day. The grey sky has opened up from time to time to show some sun and allow us to align with the ultimate sailor fashion statement: long john’s and shorts! It keeps you warm enough but not too warm, and the shorts allow you to sit anywhere you like nevertheless.

Other interesting fact in our Atlantic delivery is that the showers have gotten colder. Our water maker pumps sea water through a bunch of filters and spits out fresh water into the tank and very salty water out of the boat. So basically we are drinking and showering with filtered sea water, which in return means that it is at the ocean’s temperature, or at least at the bilges’ temperature, as this is where the water tanks are. Not really a warm place either. So when people go for a shower now you can hear some “humpfff” as they flex under the shower head.

Yesterday’s beans have had some nasty side effects, but since we are 8 guys we all find it quite amusing, despite the fact of being locked into a very small quarter.

The wind dropped a little and so did the swell, which means that we are less shaken around and people sleep better, eating and walking around gets easier. As an example, Francois did a side slide with a coffee mug in his hand and collided with Tristan in the galley covering him with coffee. Slick feet on a wet floorboard and a bit of heel and as soon as you let go your grip you might be a candidate for an artistic ice skating figure on the next wave smashing into our side.

4 days-ish to go. There is light at the end of the tunnel. It better not be a train!

All the best to you guys ashore,

Northern Child

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