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Northern Child Transatlantic Blog – M/V Esperance Delmar

We have been underway again since 2000UTC yesterday after all had a few hours sleep following the successful transfer to the hospital ship “Esperance Delmar” of Philippe who was very ill and it was deemed necessary to get him medical aid as soon as possible. The transfer took place about 550nm to the WSW of […]

Northern Child Transatlantic Blog – Rendezvous

Yesterday afternoon Northern Child rendezvoused with a Spanish Medical Ship, under the instructions of Falmouth Coastguard, to transfer crew member Philippe into their care. Philippe had been suffering from acute seasickness which had become more problematic, and though Northern Child is due in to Ponta Delgada in the next few days, it was decided that as […]

Northern Child Transatlantic Blog – The last of the fresh fruit…

By the time you get this we will have passed the half way point on our journey to the Azores. We will likely be under motor again on the 18th as the Azores High provides us with light and variable winds if the forecast stays true. We have had a few days of mixed weather and […]

Daily Blog – 30th May

Ahoy ashore! Northern Child is as always sailing proudly through the Atlantic bound for her home port of Portsmouth. In the process of doing so, the brave sea men onboard are driving her with determination and dedication. Because this is just what we do and how we do it. We dropped the mainsail yesterday and […]

Northern Child's ARC Blog Day 8 – Fishing Triumph!

A Fishing Triumph! We caught three fish in one day. The first was a bizarre looking species with huge eyes bulging out of it’s head. We have no idea what it was but it was tasty. The second two were both Mahi Mahi which we are having for lunch today.  The lighter winds over the last […]

Daily Blog – 29th May Here comes the weather

Brace guys! It has been quite an evolution since we last wrote to you. The very calm weather was actually the calm before the storm, and we are on the highway to it. But other than the wind that our boat can handle really well, the real challenge lies in the sea state for the […]

Northern Child's ARC Blog Day 6 – No Showers

We’ve had lighter winds for the last few days; a welcome break from the intense start. The wind has been between 8 and 15 knots so we are averaging about 6 knots boat speed. We travelled 145 nautical miles from noon yesterday to noon today. We are heading south west with the idea of getting […]

28th May – MOB exercise for a sheet of paper!!

And the engine of Northern goes round and round, round and round…. …all day and all night. By this we are trying to underline the fact that the engine’s background noise has become our environment. When we sleep, when we are on watch, when we eat, when we talk…. It is pretty annoying and you […]

Sea Shanty's – 27th May onboard Northern Child

27/05/2015 Ahoy to the land locked! We are cast away, sailing on our own on the big grey Atlantic Ocean, fighting our way back to the UK. It is maybe not as dramatic as it sounds but the closest contact we can have is with whom ever is equipped with a VHF radio device and […]

26th May Northern Child's Daily Blog

26/05/2015 Hi All ashore, Today was a pure routine day, with nothing special going on, like the odd whale popping by, the random course correction or taking reefs out. The weather has decided to be a bit more helpful than yesterday and allowed us to sail a course with a little bit of East in […]

Northern Child's ARC Blog Day 3 – Sundowners

A stupendous effort in the galley has improved morale immeasurably – that and the first issue of sundowners to the crew! Susie (AKA Mum) produced a spectacular pork casserole accompanied by celebratory cupcakes in honor of Gary’s 26th wedding anniversary.  Our fourth day at sea continued the same as the days before, 20 to 25 knot winds […]

Start of Leg 2 – Northern Child Blog

Dear all, Northern Child is back in business, and again, we hold our knives between our teeth, ready to rock-n-roll! The day we made landfall was absolute awesome. Once all the formalities were sorted and our yacht in absolute ship shape to be presentable, we warmed ourselves up in the world famous Pete’s Cafe Sport […]

Northern Child's ARC Blog – Day 2 – Squids at night!

On our second full day at sea and we covered about 200 miles today. Everybody is starting to get used to the living on the boat and the weather and sea have been pretty calm today. At all times one of the watches is steering, navigating, cooking, cleaning the ship etc. The other half is […]

Northern Child's ARC Blog – A Great Start!

A great start! We crossed the start line seconds after the gun just as a squall hit us. With white water all around we surged passed our competitors who were less prepared. Windy it started and windy it stayed, 2 reefs and our number 3 headsail poled out to windward for several hours as we […]

Rolex Fastnet

The Rolex Fastnet Race is the most prestigious and challenging race in the Royal Ocean Racing Club calendar. It is one of the top 3 offshore races in the world alongside the Sydney Hobert and the Middle Sea Race. The Fastnet Race is the ultimate sailing challenge. After 4-5 days at sea negotiating the tidal […]

21st May – Northern Child Blog

Hi folks, As always and planned, the sun went up very early and we were treated with a few hours of very respectable wind which brought us back into the groove of ripping along, heeling to 15 degrees and having our dear yacht slicing the water and leaving a long and regular wake behind it. […]

Nautor's Swan 50th Anniversary Celebrations

Nautor’s Swan are celebrating their 50th Anniversary next year, and though it will also be Northern Child’s 32nd Birthday she has once again shown that she is ready and able to compete; with a bumper crop of trophies from last year’s Caribbean season. To celebrate the 50th anniversary you can be assured that the atmosphere […]

A cargo ship for company

Dear all, Today has been just been another day of bliss. As we carried the Antigua time with us and never changed it since we left, the sun is at it’s zenith earlier and earlier as we sail East. This means we had out sunrise at 3 in the morning and that our days seem […]

The 10 minute Rule

Hello all ashore, this is Northern Child, We have had a very light wind night and again played with the idea of turning the engine on, but each time we observed the skipper’s 10 minute rule, the wind came back in. Sometimes it was just a matter of trimming the sails properly as the wind […]

Life at Sea – 18th May

Ahoy mateys! In the last few hours we have had freak waves and howling winds. Got attacked by monster kraken and fled Neptune’s anger. Water was crashing on the deck and the helmsmen had their hands lashed to to the wheel to not be washed away. The crew held with both hands on the rail […]

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