Daily Blog 31st May – And What did you do today?

And what did you do today?

Because we are on Northern Child, and even though it was a relative uneventful day, you cannot imagine how many little things have happened and how many big subjects we discussed.

Yesterday’s 10 PM watch change was interrupted with the discovery of a bilge full of water. Although there is always a little bit of water in our bilges, this one was unusually full. The reason for this was the breaking of a little part under a high pressure pump feeding into our dear friend the watermaker. Unfortunately, as it looks for now, the repair can not be done on the boat, and will have to wait until we are in Portsmouth. But since we are always ready for this sort of things happening to us, we have full tanks of water, still plenty of water bottles, and if we really had to, could still make water, and sponging a little under the pump from time to time while the inverted osmosis is happening (that’s just the fancy way of saying getting fresh water out of the sea water). So in a nutshell, all cool.

As the water in the sea and the tanks is getting seriously cold, Glen was allowed a shower, as it could not possibly last more than 3 minutes anyway.

We also hoisted the main back up in the night and have been doing really good speed in the dark. The A Watch with David, Par and Matt have hoisted the main and fine tuned the genoa to get a perfect balance and have Northern Child charging into the night, and breaking speed records. The initial trim was set for low wind conditions, so shortly after having both sails up, we moved the cars (blocs on which the line holding the genoa corner go through) we figured we would be better optimizing our trim and do things right. Indeed, there are two ways of doing things: the right way and the wrong way, and we tend to do it the first way.

A problem child we are having onboard recently are the batteries which are discharging themselves at a very high rate. No worries because we have dinner with candles anyway. The skipper is working on the matter conjointly with the shore team and looking for the source of the problem. We have still enough diesel to run the generator on a regular basis and keep all systems up, but it is annoying and we know we can do better. So this is something we might tell you more about in the coming days.

Other than than, an other cargo ship overtook us today but no chatter.

We have gone through the stuff in the freezer, finishing tonight with Glen’s fabulous surf and turf pasta (bacon and shrimp, close enough…) so we are all well fed for the night which seems like it is going to be another cold one. We also got everything sorted on the boat to tackle the wind blow in the best conditions. Tidied up inside, got all lines nicely sorted on the deck and tightened those standing by along the mast, and battened the hatches (they are taped since we left but it adds some drama to the situation). Northern Child is ready for the storm, so bring it on!

We are very confident it will be fine as it is a downwind leg and Northern Child is a fine lady who has served and protected us so far. We give her regular TLC so it is just going to be another fun ride downhill.

364 miles to the entrance to the channel, then 200 up the channel and then we’ll be in Portsmouth. Since we passed the half way mark we are counting down, and it is a nice feeling, trust us. We are all looking forward to the dirty beer upon arrival. Tie the boat on the dock and go for a beer. This might be the only reason why we go sailing, ha!

So now fasten your seat belts, lift your chair, and get ready for our next blog which might make your screen throw buckets of sea water at you and blow your hair back.

By for now from Northern Child, hurricane hunter.

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