Day 1 at Sea – Toilet Blockages and Sea Sickness

Antigua - Azores - UK

0743 Local time, 1143 UTC
18* 38.80’N 60*56.74’W

Dear all,
The general picture is fine onboard Northern Child and day one was a pretty thorough shake down. Sea sickness has affected 2 crew and we have had our first toilet blockage resulting in a challenging 3 am watch. This problem is now solved, heads are clean and the guys are recovering fine.

The fresh water pump seems to have packed up – or at least the pressure sensor – so I will replace it as soon as possible by the spare one we have on board. In the mean time, we play it by on/offing it on the switchboard when we need fresh water, which works well as I monitor the water consuption even more…

We are making good speed with a reef in the main and full number 3 genoa, trying to track EH01 down. We saw them in the first half of the night!

I look forward to reading from you and hope you are fine,

Northern Child

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