Day 3 – Comms are back online

NORTHERN CHILD @ Rolex Swan Cup 2014

Hi folks,

Galant ship Northern Child is plowing the seas.

At 1200 UTC: 25*31.6’N, 57*16.3’W

COG is best course to wind and right now doing 45* for a bearing to Horta at 55*. Good stuff
SOG goes from 6 to 7.5
got to the 1015Hpa line! yey!

The boat is really nice and the spirits are very high. I believe I split the people in 2 good watches as chatter is endless. A bit difficult getting them on the deck on time according to my Horatio Hornblower standard but i get up at every watch change making sure everybody is settled, and wake them up with a couple of sea shanties. They like it which is just perfect.

So standing orders are enforced and boat is dry all right, as I do my daily bilge run every day.

Sea sickness which affected half the crew – an entire watch actually – has gotten better. We improvise pretty well on the food variety, but needless to say that the guys looking green – light green by now – are not really demolishing the provisioning but I keep them fed and hydrated.

Pretty awesome trip so far.

We did spot EH01 the other night on our Starboard but could not make any radio contact. Yesterday night, a guy shouted there was a boat at 1 o’clock, so I rushed up and tristan gave him some banter as it was only a star! Hillarious. Astro nav is not too much of a topic so far as people are still getting used to the heel.

I hope Nisida is doing fine. they were about 135 miles behind us on a very similar course. I keep VHFing to see if someone is in range. Sort of a message in a bottle.

I send this email now and try calling the other yachts.

And to finish on a Nelson quote “never mind the manoevers, just go at ’em”

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