Northern Child arrives back to Portsmouth

Northern Child Arrives back in the Portsmouth
Many of you will have been entertained by the fabulous daily logs by Skipper Cedric on Northern Child.  Cedric and crew have had an incredible trip with 3 – 35 knots of wind.  Sun, rain, sunsets, bright moon and stars.  The latter of which were fortunate because two of the crew are taking their sights for their Yachtmaster Ocean.  So good have been the night sky skies that the crew were able to take sights using planets and stars which kept everyone entertained.
Northern Child sailed home with EH01 and Nisida which provided some entertainment for the crews, as well as much banter via Satellite mail.  Much of the dialogue was around boat speeds, boat handling and weather routing and as you would expect all crews believing they’re yacht had the best course, best speeds and best route…….  The roughest part of the trip home was approximately half way from the Azores to the English Channel where yachts reported 6-8m waves and 30-40 knots of wind.  Whilst this sounds like quite heavy conditions, onboard with an experienced skipper like Cedric, it was little more than business as usual for a proper Ocean going yacht like Northern Child.  A simple sail plan of a small headsail kept her sailing along at 9-12 knots and meant that the boom was safely centred.
For the final approach into the Solent, the crews were treated to F3-4 and perfect Summer sunshine.  Whilst we usually have prevailing SW winds in the Solent, as if by a twist of fate, it seems that almost every year the yachts arrive home the wind in from somewhere in the East making for some upwind sailing.  That said, the sight in the Solent was spectacular.  Everything from War Ships to Cruise liners, Super Yachts to Day boats were buzzing around in the Solent making for a great spectacle to arrive home to.  Once ashore and after a brief tidy up, the crew headed off to their hotels to freshen up and then the general consensus was for curry.  Many stories and memories forged and clearly a huge amount of respect and gratitude from the crew to Skipper Cedric and First Mate Tristan.
Northern Child is now out of the water having her Summer checks and maintenance done in advance of the Fastnet.  She will be launched later in the week and reunited with her sister Southern Child who last weekend took part in one of the RORC channel races.
We look forward to sailing with you over this busy Summer sailing season.

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