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We have been underway again since 2000UTC yesterday after all had a few hours sleep following the successful transfer to the hospital ship “Esperance Delmar” of Philippe who was very ill and it was deemed necessary to get him medical aid as soon as possible. The transfer took place about 550nm to the WSW of the Azores and we considered it a Blessing that there was a hospital ship in the region that could be diverted to us. They traveled 130nm to collect Philippe and the vessel was a large vessel, maybe 70m long, which was a Spanish semi-naval vessel. On arrival they very quickly launched a rescue boat and within 40 minutes of their arrival the whole show was over and Philippe was placed in good hands.
We are not 100% sure where he is going but think in conversations with the other captain that it will also be Porta Delgada.  When we know more the appropriate message to the family will be communicated.
I can not even come start to highlight how well the system worked in contacting the maritime rescue coordination centre in the UK and how awesome the response was that with 15 hours of making the first call even being 1018km from land we were able to get assistance for Philippe. All the crew are impressed and when ashore we will send emails of thanks to all who helped. 
On a more personal note, having only worked with Performance Yacht Charter for 3 months I wish to praise the team in the UK that were a vital link in helping to have this run so smoothly.
However the seas have not been so smooth after 30+ ks of wind. We have been lucky to see the power of mother nature at work as we surfed Northern Child toward the Azores in 4-5m seas. I will look at the log but I am sure we will have clocked up an amazing 12 knot average speed last night. 
430nm to the Azores Course 77degress Speed 9.1kts wind 20kts NW

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