Northern Child Transatlantic Blog – The last of the fresh fruit…

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By the time you get this we will have passed the half way point on our journey to the Azores. We will likely be under motor again on the 18th as the Azores High provides us with light and variable winds if the forecast stays true. We have had a few days of mixed weather and off / on light sailing with the Iron Sail [engine] being used each time we fall below 4 kts. We had a hard night in sloppy conditions running deep [downwind] under full Genoa and Main sail. However in the morning when we had completed our pancakes….. sorry Crepes , we put the pole into action and went goose wing [mainsail on one side of the boat, and genoa poled out to the other side of the boat] and maintained a steady 6 kts until just after sunset. 
A few little jobs where carried out but it was a good day of sailing with a pleasant 13-14 kts SW breeze helping us try and get north of the high pleasure and light winds 
Today was the last of fresh fruits for breakfast which is a shame but it could not last forever. Most of the fresh vegetables are gone and now we are onto more canned and preserved produce for the next 7-8 days. 
Jorge is teaching us about the Paraguay history and politics as each day passes.  
With a clean boat of well fed crew we are very keen to get into a new breeze in a few days.

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