Northern Child's ARC Blog – A Great Start!

Northern Child Day 1

A great start!
We crossed the start line seconds after the gun just as a squall hit us. With white water all around we surged passed our competitors who were less prepared.
Windy it started and windy it stayed, 2 reefs and our number 3 headsail poled out to windward for several hours as we passed through the acceleration zone around Gran Canaria. We saw 40 knots at times and had big seas; perfect conditions for Northern Child and we sailed past many supposedly faster boats struggling in the conditions.
We had a busy night as we sailed through the wind shadows south of the Canaries, lots of putting reefs in and shaking reefs out. We are passed the islands now, about to shake out another reef as the breeze has dropped off to about 18 knots. We’re planning on gybing soon to get some southerly miles behind us and giving us a better wind angle as we turn back west.

No fishing as yet as we have been sailing to fast.

Stay tuned!

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