Northern Child's ARC Blog – Day 12 – Crew Member 'Fish'


We have acquired an additional crew member over night – Fish the bird. He is a very lost and tired looking bird and looks like the sort you see wading in mud flats in England or sat on the backs of elephants in Africa. We have offered him a small flying fish and some bread but he hasn’t eaten yet. We think he suspects we’re trying to fatten him up.

We have acheived 210 miles from noon to noon today and are glad to be back to doing 200 mile days again. Our current ETA is the early hours of the 9th December, but that could move back to the evening of the 8th if we push hard. 

We have a steady 20 knots of wind from ENE and we are flying a full main and headsail which is poled out to windward. Northern Child is now bit rolly with the bigger waves but otherwise comfortable and most importantly we have no sea sickness here. 

We have caught no more fish in the last few days as we have been moving too fast. Our total is now four, and very tasty they were too. They will be happy to know that they did not die in vain.

Some miracles have come out of the galley in this crossing, including some superb cupcakes last night. We are low on fresh food but we’re making the best of it. We are saving the steaks in the freezer for  couple more days and we haven’t had to use the frankfurters from a jar yet.

The rest of our time is taken up with sunbathing, reading, singing along to cheesy songs, the on-going press up competition and taking sun sights.

We’re all very much looking forward to the rum punch.

Not long now.  

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