Northern Child's ARC Blog – Day 2 – Squids at night!


On our second full day at sea and we covered about 200 miles today. Everybody is starting to get used to the living on the boat and the weather and sea have been pretty calm today. At all times one of the watches is steering, navigating, cooking, cleaning the ship etc. The other half is trying to get some sleep most of the time when they are off. Most of the crew find it pretty hard to sleep aboard, due to the constant movement and the noise of the generator running and people snoring.

The nights have been mostly cloudy so far, with an almost full moon. This makes for great skies at night! Watching the moon set is as nice as watching the sun set or rise. Last night our Swedish crewmember (Ole) was hit by a squid, which then landed in the cockpit. The first mate (Joe) suggested we would eat it, however our animal lover (Bas) threw it back.

As the shifts are about to change in about an hour, dinner will be ready shortly. Despite the hard conditions to cook in, all the meals so far have been pretty good!

That is all for now, we are about to have dinner!

Blog courtesy of Bouwer

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