Northern Child's ARC Blog Day 3 – Sundowners

A stupendous effort in the galley has improved morale immeasurably – that and the first issue of sundowners to the crew!
Susie (AKA Mum) produced a spectacular pork casserole accompanied by celebratory cupcakes in honor of Gary’s 26th wedding anniversary. 
Our fourth day at sea continued the same as the days before, 20 to 25 knot winds causing Northern Child to surge ahead on every wave. We logged 211 nautical miles between noon and noon; our best yet and we expect better today. 
We have had true trade winds; fluffy cumulous clouds following us and great surfing waves. Top speed for this crossing stands at 19.6 knots held by the Skipper. 
Surfing may have to be put on hold for the ‘forecastable’ future however as the wind has just died and backed 30 degrees and is not forecast to increase for at least the next 4 days. 
The up side to this misfortune is that we can crack the Spinnaker out and start our fishing holiday.
News on that to come
NB 1 ‘Sundowners’ is a happy hour drink normally around 1700h or 1800h.
NB 2 211 nautical miles means the yacht is averaging nearly 9 knots, meaning the boat is making very good time.
NB 3 ‘Backing 30 degrees’ means the wind has moved 30 degrees in an anti clockwise direction.

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