Northern Child's ARC Blog Day 8 – Fishing Triumph!

A Fishing Triumph!
We caught three fish in one day. The first was a bizarre looking species with huge eyes bulging out of it’s head. We have no idea what it was but it was tasty. The second two were both Mahi Mahi which we are having for lunch today. 
The lighter winds over the last couple of days have allowed for much sun bathing and relaxation and therefore the foredeck looks more like the sundeck of a cruise ship during daylight hours than that of an ocean racing yacht. 
We covered 132 miles yesterday. Not bad considering the winds, but we are taking off again now. We are entering the band of stronger breeze just south of 18 degrees North which should carry us all the way to Saint Lucia and the long awaited rum punch. 
We are getting used to the time changes and dinner comes up at sunset each night. This is accompanied by sundowners and as far as we are concerned it is the only way to dine at sea. 
Nearly half way now.
NB. We do not suggest that eating bizarre aquatic specimens is always a good thing to do. There are many poisonous fish, especially in the Caribbean.

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