Seafarer's rejoice – Blog 5 from Northern Child

Flying Fish

The last 24 hours have been a welcome change to fantastic sailing conditions and beautiful weather, calm seas and thanks to the colorful crew, wonderful captain and first mate, we are all well fed, well entertained and enjoying the life at sea.

Yesterday evening we savored Glen’s magic Mexican chicken chili surprise for dinner.

We are now 1498 miles from the Azores making good speed between 7.5 to 8 knots. In other words that is 2774Km at an average speed of 14Km an hour.

The watch system is working well and have a good routine. Yesterday’s calm day was a good opportunity to tidy up, pump some bilges – bottom part of the boat on the inside where all water dribbling in ends up – and make a general check up of good ol’ Northern Child.

Last night’s watch had a surprise visitor at about 0300 of a flying fish in the cockpit, which we let go back to the sea.

This blog is compliments of Par, Dave, Anselmo, and the skipper.

All the best to you

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