Life at Sea – 18th May

19th May Northern Child Position

Ahoy mateys!

In the last few hours we have had freak waves and howling winds. Got attacked by monster kraken and fled Neptune’s anger. Water was crashing on the deck and the helmsmen had their hands lashed to to the wheel to not be washed away. The crew held with both hands on the rail and the boat’s bow pierced violently through mountains of blue water, emerging on the other side with fish on the deck and sea weed in the guard rails. Visibility was reduced to an arm length and the rain horizontal. The wind was whistling in the shrouds and the whole rigging was shaking at each gust in which the speed increased to the point where the whole hull took off the water and we just steered with the end tip of the rudder.

True story……….

What actually is happening is that the wind had dropped significantly and we are going forward very slowly. But we are still going forward, which is the most important thing over all, and we are fortunately not becalmed as we still have a little bit of wind in our sails. The worst ever is when your sails are just hanging and the boom shaking around due to the swell rocking the boat. Goes drastically on the nerves, the gear and can be as dangerous as rough seas as people tend to get complacent.

The first half of the day was a bit rainy and the afternoon is very nice, although we are making very little progress. Temperature is all right and the crew gets some rest. Who knows what is coming after the bend…

The highlight of the day was Cedric making a quizz to those who were up on deck. 20 questions about sailing and our trip, to make sure everybody was up to date. Quite funny getting different answers to the question what the current magnetic course is (the course on the compass in front of the wheel where everybody spends at least 2h every day). Some other questions were about geeky stuff like day shapes, and how much chain we would pay out if we were to anchor right now, in 3056m of depth, how many tanks the boat has, what the name of Tristan’s video game is, what the big stick with the cloth on the middle of the deck is called, what our sound signal in fog would be, etc.

Here a sample question to you:
What sea creature has 2 wings, 16 balls and 51 feet?
The answer is at the end of the email.

Other than that nothing much is going on. Quick fuel transfer from the main tank to the generator tank, as it is more pleasant to do this job in calm weather, watching movies on the various ipads and laptops onboard.

Yesterday the gas ran out, so we had that fixed quickly. Oddly enough, the gas always runs out when you are using it…. Totally strange. Tonight, the chef treats us with bangers and mash. Since we are a top-end yacht, we will mash real potatoes.

The wind should pick up a bit in the next 6 hours and get us out of here. That’s what we got for chasing a high pressure and going to the Azores. Azores high you said?

More from us tomorrow, hopefully a bit further than tonight.

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